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My Journey with Cancer. How it all began.   67 comments

October 1995

Went for a colonoscopy, afterwards, the doctor told Rob and I that he would like to do another, but this time it would be done in hospital under anaesthetic.

Two days later the Friday, I had the other scope. Rob and my son Len, were sitting at my bedside, and we were joking and laughing when the Doctor came. He looked at us and said there was no easy way to say this, but the two centimetre growth he had found did not look good, and he was almost sure it was cancer. He told us the laboratory tests would take three to four days before we knew for certain, and that he would phone us as soon as he had the results. He told us to be strong, and left. The poor Doctor, I don’t know who felt worse, him or us.

We all sat there with our own thoughts, not knowing what to say to each other. I looked at Rob and Len and the next thing we were holding onto each other, no tears, just stunned. Not once did I think about cancer before the colonoscopy. I looked at the two guys in my life and told them not to worry, that whatever happens we will handle it, now we had to go home and phone our daughters Magda and Tania and tell them what was going on, and that was not easy.

Now we have four days of waiting, and we are all trying to be strong for each other. In the meantime my thoughts are running away with me, our son is eighteen and writing his finals at high school, our youngest daughter is twenty and writing exams at college, how are they going to keep their minds on exams with all of this going on. Our eldest daughter is married and has three lovely little boys and I won’t see them growing up. And then there is my husband, Rob and I have never been apart, we go everywhere together and do everything for each other, how on earth is he going to cope without me. What is going to happen to our children? Then I realized Maaaaaaaaan! Linda! You are having such a pity party, snap out of it girl, right now!!! And promptly went and made dinner with everyone giving me a hand.

Wednesday evening the phone rang and Rob answered. I heard him say hello to the Doctor, and then a little while later I heard him say “So then it is definitely cancer” I got up and left to go to my room crying softly all the way, I remember closing my door and as I reached the side of my bed, a calmness came over me, starting from my head going right down to my toes, and then I got this warm feeling as if someone was giving me a soft hug. Well, I sat on the bed, and when Rob came into the bedroom he looked at me and said “Love you’re smiling” and I said “Yes, I am going to be O.K”. I told him that I had felt a hug from Jesus, I think he thought that his wife had lost it, but if it kept her from crying, that’s good. Ha! Ha!

Rob being a Christian said from now on we will call it you’re “Jesus Hug”.

Two days later, with all the family at my side, I went for my operation and they removed half of my colon. I remember coming to at some stage and the Doctor was telling Rob that I was cured, luckily the cancer had not gone through the wall of the colon and that no chemo was needed. He could not have given us better news than that. I woke at some stage after that and saw Rob sitting at my bedside, I thought it was visiting hour, but he told me it was in the morning, he could not sleep so he came back to be with me., a drive of one hour over a very mountainous pass., he made this trip for ten days twice a day sometimes three. All I can say is that this Bulldog of mine has a big heart, he showered me with a lot of love and attention in my hour of need, for that I will be forever grateful.



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This is just a start up post..   93 comments


Hi all,

Bulldog has managed to get me to blog at last. He expected me to do it on his laptop, yet he is so busy I never get a chance to use it.

Now I have my own iPad I will be able to follow and read all the fantastic bloggers from which he constantly  reads post of.

Please have a little good-natured tolerance with my posting as I will be slow to begin, but hope to share a little about my cancer battle and my present remission after having three different types. Twenty years of battle finally won.?? I hope so, and I hope that I can encourage many and inspire others to fight with a smile on their faces. The battle can be won, and specially with that “Jesus Hug” I experienced.

The Bulldog has been a great staff for me to lean on throughout this battle, even though he does work on my nerves every now and then.

But I’m sure he is as an encouraging comment maker to all of you, as he is to me.

We have such plans for the future semi retirement with a Motor Home and travel, his choice of car to tow behind the home leaves a lot to be desired (These old men with their toys).

Well here goes with the first post, please feel free to comment with any suggestions you feel might just help me develop as a blogger.