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Hi all,

Bulldog has managed to get me to blog at last. He expected me to do it on his laptop, yet he is so busy I never get a chance to use it.

Now I have my own iPad I will be able to follow and read all the fantastic bloggers from which he constantly  reads post of.

Please have a little good-natured tolerance with my posting as I will be slow to begin, but hope to share a little about my cancer battle and my present remission after having three different types. Twenty years of battle finally won.?? I hope so, and I hope that I can encourage many and inspire others to fight with a smile on their faces. The battle can be won, and specially with that “Jesus Hug” I experienced.

The Bulldog has been a great staff for me to lean on throughout this battle, even though he does work on my nerves every now and then.

But I’m sure he is as an encouraging comment maker to all of you, as he is to me.

We have such plans for the future semi retirement with a Motor Home and travel, his choice of car to tow behind the home leaves a lot to be desired (These old men with their toys).

Well here goes with the first post, please feel free to comment with any suggestions you feel might just help me develop as a blogger.



93 responses to “This is just a start up post..

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  1. Hope all is well, bright and joyful in your side of the world my friend. Thank you for the recent comment. I was thrilled for my country of birth for having their first Ms. World winner even if I know live in America. In a place where there so much pain and suffering, a piece of good news seem to bring a smile to those who needed them the most. Thus I had pay a tribute not just for the winner but for the country I will always call “Home.” God bless you and Mr. adventure. He is inspires me by the way to also seek life’s adventures though I’m not ready yet for the ultimate Safari escape. may be one day.

  2. Welcome Linda! I feel like I know you through the sweet words of your husband. You two are so lucky to have each other ♥ Thank you for sharing your story ~ Paula ♥♥♥

  3. I hope you enjoy your blogging on WP, it has been great therapy for me.

  4. Our lives are enriched by your presence here. Many thanks!

  5. Welcome to the Blogesphere.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging Linda. I look forward to reading your point of view. 🙂

  7. Welcome Linda. It is lovely to meet you at last! I haven’t been around much lately, but should be back to normal in a week or so. Packing to move house…

    • Thank you . I moved house five times in five years and every time I downsized and still ended up with far to much . Go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and I will do the same, and walla!! you and I are having tea together. I don’t envy you the packing my friend. Will be thinking of you.

      • Such a great idea! Just made a cup and read your reply – what a coincidence! I have also had more than my fair share of moves and thought the last one would be the end of it – but NO… haha!

        • Lets hope this will be your last. Are you moving far away from where you are now?

          • No. I’m in a retirement village and am moving from a ‘bedsitter’ to a ‘cottage’ – slightly bigger, more cupboards and my own bathroom (!!!). Used to fall under their Care Centre, but am now considered ‘able-bodied’, lol!

            • Adeeyoyo! I am so glad that you are better. Are you happy about you’re cottage?

              • Yes, I am happy. You could say the two of us are better, hey, but we don’t know what is waiting in the wings… maybe nothing… we just have to feel strong to be strong – that’s what I believe! A lot of it (more than we think) is in the mind! I am so glad you are better too, Linda.

  8. Behind a great man is an amazing woman who inspires him to follow his dreams. I admire couples who shares their passions or support them. Thanks for sharing a post that makes us smile.

  9. Behind a great man is an amazing woman who inspires him to follow his dreams. I admire couples who shares their passions or support them. Thanks for sharing a post that makes us smile.

  10. Well howdy and welcome! You’ve already appeared on my blog before, in photo form, when I interviewed Rob so I feel like I know you already! Look forward to reading what you have to write 🙂

  11. Welcome … to the online world, Linda … nice meeting you – have heard so much about you.
    Sure with Bob as your mentor – you will do just fine and to be your first post – you have done excellent – I think was only 10 words in total, but that has changed.
    Lovely to have you aboard. And good luck!

  12. Welcome to blogging! I am sure you’re going to have a great time and you’ll fit right in. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  13. Welcome aboard Linda. Love that photo with Rob. Mrs. P said it best….. Blog when you feel like. There are times I’m just not sure what to say or we are in a location with poor internet service. It’l fun and contagious when you find your own groove.

    Life can present us with many challenges. It can be very comforting to hear how other folks deal with various challenges. I’m sure with all you’ve been through, you can provide inspiration to many. I look forward to following you and Rob as you embark on a new adventure. Happy trails 🙂

  14. Congratulations on your new blog, you will love it, and you will get hook, I did and your husband did too. The best part about a blog is the friends it is kind of fun to have friends from all over the world, have a great day , you new friend Doris.

  15. Nice to meet you Linda! I hope you enjoy the blog and writing. I enjoy your husbands photos of the animals and birds of Africa – you live in a remarkable place!

  16. Hello Linda! I am looking forward to your blogging presence. We all started out as newbies and I think we’ll be understanding of any learning curve you may posses, but you have a great coach/advisor (wish I had one when I was starting out) if you need help along the way. Or, you can ask one of us…we like to share our blogging wisdom as it makes us feel pretty smart. 🙂

    A lot of the responders gave you some great advice on blogging…be yourself, write what’s in your heart, etc., I’d also add, write WHEN you want to and don’t ever be a slave to your blog. Doing so will make your blogging experience a passionate one and you will form connections with some amazingly beautiful people. I’ve added you to my “follow” list, which means I will see all of your new posts.

  17. At long last I get to meet the amazing Linda!! You have been an inspiration to many people because of Rob relating your battle in some degree to the rest of us. I can only imagine what inspiration you will be telling your story in your own words! I’m excited to meet you and looking forward to reading your blog:) I’m on a ‘sort of’ break from blogging, but when I saw your avatar, I HAD to come say hi……all the best to you! xxxx

  18. Welcome to our blogging family Linda :). Now we can really make fun of your hubby LOL!!!!

  19. Nice to meet you, Linda and welcome to Bloggyland. I’m happy for you that you survived three different kind of cancer and that you want to tell us about your story…. that must be a mission 🙂 I lost my girlfriend, mom and grandfather in their battle of this disease. I loved your intro and the Looking forward to your posts and sending some Happy Pawkisses your way…that means, if you like cats 🙂

  20. Hi Linda 🙂 Be warned- it’s addictive!
    Nice to meet you.

  21. Welcome dear Linda, this is so nice to hear you in this blogging world. I am excited to read you now…. Congratulations. You are both so nice, Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, I’ve seen your wonderful photos via Bulldog and look forward to seeing them now via my own site… I love the photos of Turkey.

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  23. Welcome to WordPress Linda and what a stunning blog and post! It’s great to meet bulldog’s other half and such a pleasure. The dream you and bulldog have is the same me and my hubby have and Michelle (Hope* the Happy Hugger) wants to do the same. Now wouldn’t that be so much fun if we meet each other on the way in our lovely motorhomes? Wishing you all of the best and glad that you joined us. 😀 *hugs*

  24. Welcome to the dark side! No, really…welcome and it is fun here.

  25. I am so very excited to meet you!!! I think I might have quit blogging a few times if it was not for Bulldog’s encouragement. Blessings as you begin this journey. Skye. (Going to add you under my other blog as well). 🙂

  26. Welcome Linda! Your hubby has brought me through some very dark times living in chronic pain as a result of permanent nerve damage and degenerative disc disease. I save his Blogs for a day when the pain is relentless and I go to his Blog and get lost in his Photographic Journey which takes my mind off the pain! Looking forward to following your Blog!

    • Thank you for the comment. Tell me more about your problem, maybe we can grow together.
      Bulldog and his camera, can be an inspiration sometimes and a pain other times… Lol

  27. Hi, Linda,

    You are so clever to think of that funny picture to start your own blog. It’s a great omen, and a sign of good things ahead. I look forward to hearing from you again.

    I am also cancer survivor and have written a book, which I hope to publish very soon.

    Do not be nervous!!! You’ve got to be talented if you’ve been married to Bulldog all these years!

  28. A warm welcome to you Linda, I haven’t been blogging that long myself but Ive had lots of encouragement from the WordPress community. Everyone is so supportive and friendly so you’ll be just fine. I look forward to seeing your posts… 🙂

  29. Congratulations and a big welcome to you Linda. I look forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures. Enjoy!

  30. Linda, it is so great to finally meet you after following Bulldog’s articles at Street Articles for so long…
    It has been 7 years since my go-round with breast cancer. The more light that gets shined onto this challenge the more we help each other through journey.
    Thanks for being willing to share.

  31. LOL, can’t wait to hear all the stories! Congrats on your blog!

  32. Welcome to the blogging world, Linda.

  33. I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet the woman who has been married to bulldog for so long. Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations also on being a 3-time survivor of cancer. Hopefully, “the third time is the charm” and cancer will be gone from your body forever. I don’t know if you have that saying in your country, but it is common in the U.S.

    As for concern about what to say/write in posts, I have only one rule for mine: Speak from the heart. My heart never fails me. When you do, people will know. They will feel a connection to you no matter how far away they are. People want and need to feel connected, and your posts will be a gift to them as well as to yourself. I believe you will make new friends and a whole new world will open up to you online that you are likely to love. I hope you enjoy the adventure! Welcome!

    • Thank you Russ, this is such an encouraging comment. Bulldog tells me you have written children’s books, well done. I will be following your blog.. Thanks

      • Thank you for your kind comment and for following my blog. My general interest blog is A Grateful man at

        My poetry blog is A Grateful Man’s Poetry at

        My blogs regarding my children’s stories are Clyde and Friends at and Rusty Bear at (the latter will soon be discontinued as it was a fluke that had me have two children’s story/book blogs in the first place.)

        I have different blogs because some people like to read poetry and some don’t, others like to follow my adventures regarding writing and self-publishing children’s books and others don’t, etc.

        I so look forward to reading your posts!


  34. Welcome to you dear Linda. great post ….

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    Ladies and Gentlemen—Mrs. Linda Ainslie!

  36. Welcome to this addictive scene!
    THREE kinds!? I take it that when you do something, you really go for it.
    Blogging is whatever you want it to be. You post what you want to post, rather than what you think people will want. That way, you get genuine followers who share your interests. Then, you interact with them to an extent which suits you. It should never become a chore.

  37. Welcome to you, Linda. Bulldog is quite an act to follow, but it sounds as though you also have a lot to share with us. I look forward to reading your posts. 🙂 Sylvia

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    Well she has finally done it… let me introduce you to my wife, don’t believe everything she says about me…

  39. Well I welcome you on board the blogging train and hope you get as many great followers as I have… I will obviously be following to see what you say about me… love you…

    • Bulldog !!! Man you are so sneaky, you have been trying to get me to do this for so long, now I have no option. Maybe it is a good thing for me. All I am saying is don’ sleep tonight ,you are likely to get your ears boxed.

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