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A friend invited me to a house-warming party and just as I arrived, this man with longish hair, a droopy moustache and legs that reached right up to his belly button, walked up to me and asked me to dance. Two minutes into the dance he asked me to marry him, I looked at him laughed, and asked him how many beers he had consumed, he in return told me that he was dead serious, and that he was going to marry me, he then stood back bowed, and introduced himself as Rob.

I went home after the party and of course my Mum being still awake, wanted to know how the party went. I told her that there was this very tall silly, actually stupid man, who kept on asking me to marry him. She looked at me and asked in a shocked voice “you didn’t say yes, did you?” My reply was that I was not THAT hard up, and that I probably would never see him again

Well, the next day Rob and some guy walks in to my place of work and started chatting, I promptly told them that I was very busy, but Rob being Rob, would not leave until I had agreed to see him again. Ye, ye, ye, I was weak, Mmmm…. I could say that I agreed just to get rid of him, but that would be a bit of a lie. Later on I found out that the guy with him, was his best friend, and that he had brought him with to see what he thinks of me. I looked at Rob and said “You know what, I now feel like a racehorse being looked over before being bought.” Rob thought I was upset and tried to talk his way out of it, I started to laugh and he realized I was joking.

Three weeks later he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. My friends and family thought that I had lost my mind, that I was moving too quickly, and that it would not last.

Six weeks later we were married, Rob in a purple suit and a huge bow tie, me in a pastel green mini dress, (I know….have a good laugh…..) with my big hair do and all. But we were sooo… fashionable, or so we thought. Remember, it WAS the 70’s…….

Now forty years later, we have been blessed with three great kids, two daughters and a son, our eldest daughter being from my first marriage. The Lord has also blessed us with five gorgeous grandsons, and two beautiful granddaughters.

It has not always been easy, we had more ups than downs, but when the hard times did come, we stood together and battled through together.

I still think he brought his friend to check my teeth, just like you would a well-bred horse…….

When we were In America I made him work… I’m in the buggy…



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  1. I could point out that this illustrates how much more quickly men are able to reach the right decisions on vitally important matters than women are, but maybe I’d better not .
    Very romantic!..

  2. I’d love to see more photos! What a great story! Thank you for sharing it. I hope to hear many, many more from you, Linda.

    • Russ, I am still very new at this and very slow. But thank you so much for reading my blog, and for the encouragement .

  3. This story brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that you two found each other!! It is so fortunate that you did not listen to the nay sayers. Truly a real life fairy tale!

    • Thank you Skye, turned a deaf ear to the nay sayers, but I felt like saying neighhhh….when he brought his friend to inspect me….lol

  4. Lovely story Linda. You just know when it’s right!! I married Marks within a couple of months so I can relate to the short courtship 😉

  5. Fantastic and wonderful story! Congratulations with 40 years and here’s to more ups than downs in the years to come. 🙂

  6. This is a true fairy tale, Linda. Loved the story…and the picture…hehehe, you trained him well. Pawkiss 🙂

  7. Loved your story! (it really made me smile)

  8. Sometimes you meet someone…and you just KNOW. 🙂

  9. What a fun story! I love hearing about your wonderful, yet very brief courtship! You were obviously swept off your feet…and 40 years is a wonderful milestone. 🙂 Congratulations!

  10. That’s a really romantic story, Linda. I love your description of Rob, and your wedding attire sounds quite unique. 🙂

  11. A beautiful,moving story. Thank you for sharing another blessing with us. You are a true gift to us all my friend. God bless.

  12. A lovely story!

  13. Just beautiful, Linda 🙂

  14. That is a love story that tops most Linda! I always knew you were an intelligent woman, and now I know as you seem to have quickly shown Rob who is in charge, based on that photo. 😉

  15. What a beautiful story filled with romance, chance and luck.You two didn’t really know each other, but took the chance. I’ll bet you had many surprises!
    Congratulations to both of you.

  16. Sounds like Rob knew what he wanted Linda. Good for him and you. 😀 Always wonderful to hear such lovely love stories and yes, the hard times will always be there but love conquers all. Great post hon and thanks for sharing. Love the photo. 😀 *hugs*

  17. What a wonderful story.

  18. What a “LOVE STORY” and best of all it’s true …. I would had been surprised if Rob hadn’t gone for what he really wanted … 6 weeks – this story feels good all the way down to my big toe. So happy for you both. 40 years ???!!! A wonder how many of today’s marriage will last that long, not that many. Congratulation to the big lottery win, both of you.

  19. I am laughing – but it’s a beautiful story. When you meet “the one” you know it immediately!

  20. There you two go being adorable again! And that is the way to go transportation wise 😉

  21. Love stories on how couples met…..very entertaining and good to see the Bulldog working 🙂

  22. You were, and still are, a very beautiful woman… I just needed Steve to confirm that.. I did want him to check your teeth but, you wouldn’t cooperate…

  23. This is so lovely dear Linda, but love is something like that… He knew who was his Princess 🙂 By the way I loved this photograph and made me laugh… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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