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Well we’re back from our trip having shorten our planned route and visitations. We were involved in an accident that “rearranged the aero dynamics of our car” (Rob’s explanation of the car). Fortunately no one had any serious injuries, Rob is however now donned with a neck brace for whip lash. And the car is being returned to its former glory at some Auto body shop.

I took these photos of a “sand artist” while at the beach one day, I think he is very talented and makes his living from people donating into the hat, he seems to do alright.

Well we are temporarily back till the car is fixed and then we are on the road again. They say it will take till next week so I’m not sure when Rob will hit the road again.


I love the way the poacher is in handcuffs..


Not a fan of snakes but this one got both man and wife..


This is a model of one of our soccer stadiums that was built for the world cup.. (I think)


Sharks, Dolphins, Mermaid and a man without an arm… shark food.!!!!!


Now I can get back to reading some blogs as well….


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  1. Stunning sand castle art indeed Linda. I am sorry to hear about the problems you were having but I am glad no one was seriously injured.
    Great post and photo’s. 😀 *hugs*

  2. I am sorry to hear your car accident. I am so happy to see you are both home. I wish him to get well soon, dear Linda, love and my best wishes to you both. nia

  3. Oh, wow! He is a very talented artist. Has a great sense of humor too. I wish it’s a sculpted permanent sand because it is an incredible work of Art.

  4. So glad to hear there were no serious injuries and hope that your vehicle will be fixed soon. As for the sand sculptures, I used to go to San Diego each summer for vacation and there was always a sand sculpting competition going on, with many very talented artists. Thanks for the images and once again, so glad to hear you are both doing ok.

    • Thank you so much LuAnn. The car is still being fixed, but I think we will be getting it back this week.

      These people are so talented, such a pity the sculptures get washed away after so much effort was put into them. So good to be talking to you again.

  5. So glad you are both in one piece! Will the neck brace slow Rob down any? It might be something that you’ll want to keep on hand afterward, just in case you need so peace and quiet!

  6. Wishes for a quick recovery. Those are so creative, if a bit gory: the one armed man, the snake: yikes!

  7. Read about you accident on Rob’s blog. So glad it wasn’t worse. Love the creativity and message in the sand art.

  8. That was some really neat art!! (very glad you are okay)

  9. The sand sculptures are beautiful. I hadn’t realized they were sand until I clicked to read the whole story. WOW!

    Glad to hear there were no serious injuries and hope that you will be on your way again without any further mishaps.

    • The sand sculptures are beautiful Mrs.P, the Rhino one says it all, in Africa 800 of these beautiful animals have been poached for their horns this year. It is sad to think that our future generation may not have the privilege of seeing a live Rhino.

      We will probably be on the road again in about three weeks, the car is at the panel beaters having it’s wounds treated…. Hehehe….

  10. Glad you both are okay. I’ve always admired sand sculptures. It’s just too bad that they put all of that work into it only to be washed away.

  11. So glad you guys are OK. Scary business! These images are awesome and I wish I had just an ounce of this guy’s talent 🙂

    • Hi Gina, thank you for caring about us.
      We have a huge problem in Africa, our Rhino’s are being poached for their horns, 800 of them so far this year, so the Rhino sculpture shows me that there are people who care.

  12. Glad you’re allright, Linda. That was some scary news when we opened Bulldog’s post 😦 That are some pawsome sand-sculptures. Sending Pawkisses your way 🙂

  13. Welcome back Linda, hope you’re ok! Love your photos. 🙂

  14. Oh gosh your plans turned upside down, the main thing is you’re both okay. Hope you get moving again soon and thanks for the photos!

  15. Glad to see you back but not for the reason you are 😦 Those sand sculptures are cool!

    • Thank you so much, I must say it feels good to be back. Rhino’s are being poached for their horn, over eight hundred of them this year alone. It is so sad to think that they could become extinct, so I absolutely love the sand sculpture of the Rhino, especially the inscription, it shows that people do care about them.

  16. I was getting concerned about the two of you. Thank you for your update. May bulldog and his car be ready to get on the road again real soon!

    • Thank you Russ, Rob has a neck brace and the car is in for panel beating, so I think they are both on the mend. So good talking to you again my friend.

  17. Thank you Skye, good to hear from you.

  18. I am so happy you are both back!!!!!! It did my heart good to see you around this morning. You are in my prayers for speedy recoveries….Bulldog and car!! Praising God this morning for the both of you!! Much love and many hugs sent your way!!

  19. Sorry about the prang – hope the brace is unnecessary and car returned to former glory soon. What other vehicles were involved?
    Very good sand sculptures. I echo the ‘Hunt a poacher’ sentiment.
    It always seems a shame that such painstaking work lasts so fleetingly.

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