A Great Loss for our Nation.   24 comments


You came out of prison not hating, but loving and forgiving.

You had the incredible power of bringing people together.

Your smile came from your heart, and you walked with freedom in your soul.

One of the brightest lights in the world has now gone out.

Nelson Mandela, you will be sorely missed.


24 responses to “A Great Loss for our Nation.

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  1. I have taken three friends to see the Mandela Statue at the Union Buildings as I live in Pretoria. do you know about the RABBIT in the ear story I wonder? The 9m statue is mind-boggling and the details etched on his hands and face are so realistic truly. Hope Rob will take photos one day of this iconic monument on your travels.

    • What a good idea, Rob and I will certainly go and take photos of Mandela’s Statue, and yes I read about the rabbit. Zita, we also live in Pretoria, so hi neighbor.

  2. Beautiful tribute to a great man.

  3. Linda, a great lost for the world I would say – one of the greatest ever. Beautiful written, Linda .. what a fantastic tribute.
    I hope that they will remember him … in 50 years time as they did with Kennedy (what that was now all about ???)

  4. A beautiful tribute, Linda!! xxxx

  5. I am deeply saddened Linda but I also struggled to find a few words.

  6. It is hard not to be in awe of someone who was able to step aside from the insanity of the world and hold a viewpoint so strong and unwavering that it became the hope of its people. Even going to prison…still holding on to the conviction that his path was the right one. Acknowledgement must also go to the people who never gave up that hope despite the odds against it. His work is exemplary of the power to change wrong into right. Very few spend a lifetime doing so…his love for humanity is overwhelming at times…fly free,..thank you for all you have done for the world!

  7. He is great man dear Linda, and not only for your nation, for the world and for the humanity. But he never dies… Rest in peace Nelson Mandela.

    Love, nia

  8. May Allah bless his soul. And he will remain as a Golden chapter, bright and shiny with all worth in the history of world book.

  9. A powerful & moving tribute Linda.

  10. A unique man. Rest in peace.

  11. What a life. What a man.

  12. Today Nelson Mandela has gone,
    After his long walk to freedom.
    The Nation will mourn his passing along,
    The man that taught us to be freemen.

    His example to the world to forgive,
    Began when he walked from prison.
    The memory will surely all of us outlive,
    As his soul to heaven has risen.

    “No one is born a hater” he said,
    “It is something we have been taught.
    So learn to love each other instead,
    Or this nation will come to naught.”

    Rest in peace great man a nation builder,
    An example to all that have lived.
    May we all respect this great figure,
    When he said it is now time to forgive.

    He left us quietly in the dark of night,
    Slipped away to his place of resting.
    The flag of a nation dropped to half height,
    His time on earth, for us, was a blessing.

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