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How the Years have past.   44 comments

Asked Rob to place this post for me, see I’m working full time and my day starts at 5.15 am and ends at 5.45 pm, I’m helping out at the Church creche. I’m the local resident Granny, looking after all the babies, I love this job although it does remind me what age I am.

My MiL gave us an old cabinet that her father had made, a beautiful piece of furniture. He was a carpenter so you can imagine what it looks like.

But the biggest surprise I got was when opening the drawer there were a few old photos of the Bulldog and me. This first one is from the day we married back in 1973.

Rob looking like the hit man from the local mafia with his moll… oh how this photo brings back memories… Image

The second photo is when we moved into our house we bought in 1991, the Bulldogs hair is beginning to take the trip South, but it was a happy day from long ago, and having lost all our photos in a flood in 2001, these are now very precious…

Hope you enjoy our past….



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