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Now this is me and Bulldog…   23 comments

This came to me as an email and I just had to share it…










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How the Years have past.   44 comments

Asked Rob to place this post for me, see I’m working full time and my day starts at 5.15 am and ends at 5.45 pm, I’m helping out at the Church creche. I’m the local resident Granny, looking after all the babies, I love this job although it does remind me what age I am.

My MiL gave us an old cabinet that her father had made, a beautiful piece of furniture. He was a carpenter so you can imagine what it looks like.

But the biggest surprise I got was when opening the drawer there were a few old photos of the Bulldog and me. This first one is from the day we married back in 1973.

Rob looking like the hit man from the local mafia with his moll… oh how this photo brings back memories… Image

The second photo is when we moved into our house we bought in 1991, the Bulldogs hair is beginning to take the trip South, but it was a happy day from long ago, and having lost all our photos in a flood in 2001, these are now very precious…

Hope you enjoy our past….


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Back Home Again.   42 comments

Well we’re back from our trip having shorten our planned route and visitations. We were involved in an accident that “rearranged the aero dynamics of our car” (Rob’s explanation of the car). Fortunately no one had any serious injuries, Rob is however now donned with a neck brace for whip lash. And the car is being returned to its former glory at some Auto body shop.

I took these photos of a “sand artist” while at the beach one day, I think he is very talented and makes his living from people donating into the hat, he seems to do alright.

Well we are temporarily back till the car is fixed and then we are on the road again. They say it will take till next week so I’m not sure when Rob will hit the road again.


I love the way the poacher is in handcuffs..


Not a fan of snakes but this one got both man and wife..


This is a model of one of our soccer stadiums that was built for the world cup.. (I think)


Sharks, Dolphins, Mermaid and a man without an arm… shark food.!!!!!


Now I can get back to reading some blogs as well….

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I Thought you Might want to Know…   46 comments

A friend invited me to a house-warming party and just as I arrived, this man with longish hair, a droopy moustache and legs that reached right up to his belly button, walked up to me and asked me to dance. Two minutes into the dance he asked me to marry him, I looked at him laughed, and asked him how many beers he had consumed, he in return told me that he was dead serious, and that he was going to marry me, he then stood back bowed, and introduced himself as Rob.

I went home after the party and of course my Mum being still awake, wanted to know how the party went. I told her that there was this very tall silly, actually stupid man, who kept on asking me to marry him. She looked at me and asked in a shocked voice “you didn’t say yes, did you?” My reply was that I was not THAT hard up, and that I probably would never see him again

Well, the next day Rob and some guy walks in to my place of work and started chatting, I promptly told them that I was very busy, but Rob being Rob, would not leave until I had agreed to see him again. Ye, ye, ye, I was weak, Mmmm…. I could say that I agreed just to get rid of him, but that would be a bit of a lie. Later on I found out that the guy with him, was his best friend, and that he had brought him with to see what he thinks of me. I looked at Rob and said “You know what, I now feel like a racehorse being looked over before being bought.” Rob thought I was upset and tried to talk his way out of it, I started to laugh and he realized I was joking.

Three weeks later he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. My friends and family thought that I had lost my mind, that I was moving too quickly, and that it would not last.

Six weeks later we were married, Rob in a purple suit and a huge bow tie, me in a pastel green mini dress, (I know….have a good laugh…..) with my big hair do and all. But we were sooo… fashionable, or so we thought. Remember, it WAS the 70’s…….

Now forty years later, we have been blessed with three great kids, two daughters and a son, our eldest daughter being from my first marriage. The Lord has also blessed us with five gorgeous grandsons, and two beautiful granddaughters.

It has not always been easy, we had more ups than downs, but when the hard times did come, we stood together and battled through together.

I still think he brought his friend to check my teeth, just like you would a well-bred horse…….

When we were In America I made him work… I’m in the buggy…


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A Very Fishy Story! Rob and his Shenanigans.   45 comments

Rob and I lived in the city for years, but had chosen to buy a farm in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. On the farm we had a few dams, one of which had fish (Black Bass) living in it. Now Rob and I are not great fishermen, we tried to fish just about every spare time we had, but to no avail.

This was very frustrating for Rob and I, there was one Bass that was much bigger than the others, he tended to lie near the surface where we could see him; so Rob and I named him, “Mr. Big”. Now Mr. Big was a crafty old Bass, we would dangle the hook in front of his mouth, and he would move to the side of the hook, then again we would dangle it in front of him, and again he would swim to the side of the hook. Anyway, months passed and still no luck.

We had just finished a days work, when I told Rob I really would love a piece of fish for supper, the only problem was we lived 40 kilometres out of town, and in those days the shops still closed on a Sunday. So guess what? Rob had no option but to go fishing. So off he goes with his fishing rod to try his luck, while I went home to soak in a lovely warm bath.

About an hour later Rob comes home full of the joys of spring, and shouts out to me that he has at last caught the fish, and that he would clean and bake it for us. He hands me a glass of wine and promptly shooshes me off to the veranda while he got on with the cleaning and cooking.

Eventually he calls and tells me dinner is ready. Well!! I must say that Rob had cooked the fish to perfection, I enjoyed every mouthful, until the third last bite when I nearly broke my tooth on something hard, not wanting to hurt the chefs feelings, I said nothing, it did look a bit suspicious though. I took another mouthful and lo and behold it happened again. I couldn’t keep quiet any longer, so I told him what had happened, he looked at me and promptly started laughing, he laughed so much his tears were splashing all over the place, and I thought that any minute now he was going to fall off his chair.
I asked him if he was going to share the joke with me, he got this guilty look on his face and said “Love the damn fish would not bite, so I shot Mr Big with a shotgun ”

Now I know why I was kept out of the kitchen. The poor fish probably looked like a sieve, and Rob had known, if I knew it was Mr. Big, I certainly would have said no to dinner; specially if I knew he had been blasted from the waters with a 12 gauge shotgun.